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Local autonomy for energy, food, water and medicine by using the one source of energy freely available: the sun.



The Hella Boccara Foundation is named after Hella Boccara, the late wife of solar pioneer Jürgen Kleinwächter. Hella Boccara was a marvelous singer, song writer and creator of a beautiful garden. All her activities were driven by a deep compassion for mankind and nature. She was fighting for an intact world, filled with love and respect, and she was deeply concerned about the growing disparity between the global North and the global South and about the climate changeand it devastating impacts, especially on the poor.

Professor Jürgen Kleinwächter was inspired during his whole life by those same motivations. All his inventions and patents have been using solar energy in order to produce Eco High-tech Technologies which can step by step create a solid base to contribute to Hella Boccara’s dream of local autonomy for energy, food, water, and medicine. He and his partners developed over many years technologies:

  • to convert the clean radiation of the sun into all forms of energy needed

  • to store it in a clean and efficient way

  • to create controlled climatic zones in all regions of our world

  • to combine energy production and growing of bio food.

These Eco High Tech Technologies allow for complete autonomy for small units like houses but also for larger systems like farms, villages and islands.

The necessary knowledge transfer, training and support will be provided by so called TTT Centers (Technology, Transfer, Training). The Hella Boccara Foundation organizes these TTTs in all relevant continents and regions. It coordinates the patent rights and takes care of the funding.

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We support local autonomy by providing  technologies based on solar energy.

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The Hella Boccara Foundation is creating the TTTs in all relevant continents and regions. It manages the patent rights and organizes the funding.

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The Technology, Training and Transfer Centers are providing the necessary knowledge transfer, training and support to use the solar energy projects locally.



Learn more about the Team of the Foundation and the TTT Center and their story. 

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