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Economic independence and prosperity thanks to solar energy.

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Local autonomy and social development based on solar energy

With its projects and developments, the Hella Boccara Foundation enables the establishment of autonomous and sustainable structures with solar energy as an energy source based on decentralised, low-threshold and efficient technologies (eco-high-tech). This allows to reduce and finally avoid dependencies from non-regenerative sources of energy and strengthens economic independence and prosperity.

Contacts to NGOs and partners
The Hella Boccara Foundation signs contracts with the organizations interested in the technologies provided. It aims for partnerships with equal rights. ​
Usage of intellectual property

The technologies promoted by the Hella Boccara Foundation represent the intellectual property and practical experiences gained over decades by a leading solar research organization around Jürgen Kleinwächter. The related intellectual property is administered by ‘Peppermint’. Peppermint has given the Hella Boccara Foundation the right to use their technologies in the following way:

  • Interested groups from the Global South may apply to use the technologies free of charge, embedded in Social Franchising Contracts. These contracts assure that the technologies are part of a sustainable local development program.

  • To the developed world of the Global North, the technologies are available through license agreements. The license fees will be used partially to enforce and widen the activities of the TTT Centers.

Technologies and demonstration units

The Foundation provides access to the Technology and Transfer Centers. In the TTTs, complete ‘Solar Power Villages’ will be operated on a daily basis by a highly motivated, multiskilled transfer team. They are working with fully functioning demonstration units, built with the high standard of industrialized countries. The TTT shows how these units can be adapted to the possibility of local production and use.


Research and development

The Foundation supports projects, which are using solar energy in all its different forms. The main focus is on the use of simple and efficient technologies as well as on locally available and recyclable materials. Classical high-tech components (which cannot be produced locally) are avoided whenever possible. The developments will be pragmatically adapted to the different needs of rural (village) environments in close dialogue with the local population.


Knowledge management

Using the sun radiation in the most direct way and in accordance with the laws of physics can be described as ‘Eco High-Tech’ - easy to produce and efficient. The in-depth knowledge of the various 'Eco High-Tech' technologies is demonstrated in practice in the TTT-Center and supported theoretically in seminars. This is part of the transfer process and expressly includes the dialogue and practical work with the visitors in order to adapt to their local conditions.

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